Got the cheese but where are the crackers?

If there is one thing I really like snacking on, it’s cheese. Most of the times I enjoy it plain but sometimes I need crackers.

The problem is that (and tell me if that doesn’t happen to you) when I need crackers I never have them in the house so I end up having to make a quick trip to the supermarket and get the first ones I see.

After getting them it’s just a matter of cutting the cheese and get the crackers and adjust the size of the cheese chunks to them.

I can’t say much more about the process though. As I’m busy wolfing down my cheese and crackers.

Ideas with cereal

I have always loved cereal since I was a child. The problem is that I am very particular
about the details of eating it. Which brings the next question, is it milk
first or cereal first? To me, milk is first, this order allows me to play with
the cereal especially if I can form patterns with it.

cereal and milk
fruit loops with milk cereal and milk
milk with no cereal

I just enjoy seeing the milk surface with the cereal scattered around it and the way each kind
of cereal change the color of the milk and even its consistency.

BTS with Eloísa Chiminelli styling  the shot.

With Eloísa Chiminelli styling  the shot.

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