1. Bread

    2022-10-24 02:59:28 UTC
    Bread reminds me of so many things. Every time I think of it, I see it as toast and there’s always some butter involved. Sometimes I struggle because there’re too many choices of bread to make but I somehow make it although it takes quite a while to decide.

  2. Got the cheese but where are the crackers?

    2022-09-01 19:19:28 UTC
    If there is one thing I really like snacking on, it’s cheese. Most of the times I enjoy it plain but sometimes I need crackers. The problem is that (and tell me if that doesn’t happen to you) when I need crackers I never have them in the house so…

  3. My coffee brew

    2022-05-09 16:00:00 UTC
    Coffee is part of my life and the process of brewing it is somewhat calming for me. Now in these warmer months an iced coffee is certainly welcome.

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